The Craftsman's house, was founded in the year 1995, it was created like promotional center and comprehensive craft development of the central region of the Peru in her different variations of craftsmanships made by hand with the skillful action of her craftsmen, materializing in her works habits and events experienced in life of the towns, with fine high-quality export finishings, fulfilling the international high-quality standards in our products that way. In everything the processes of production are used like predominant raw material native elements of the region. Besides the crafts that become elaborate, are according to the requirements and the customer's needs.
The house of the Craftsman, adecuándose to the new tendencies of Market Economy and chasing the objective to turn our craftsmen into businessmen, Empresa Casa of the Artesano S.A transforms with date November 26, 2004 of Asociación of Artesanos to Empresa of Artesanos, denominándose

The Company Marries of the Artesano S.A, for the amount of shareholders and for the capital that he has, gets constituted like one of the craft companies bigger of the Peru and of South America.

The Artesano S.A's house, lodge 91 shareholders ( born productive craftsmen ) that have 1200 stocks, the aforementioned company is constituted purely by craftsmen of the Central region of the country, such comprise the craft towns like:

1.Silverware Line - District St. Geronimo of Tunán –.
2.Line of Engraved Checkmates - his District Annexed Bin of Cochas -.
3.Line of Linen Goods Hualhuas - District of Hualhuas –.
4.Line of Tapestries - Province of Tarma District of Saint Peter of Boxes -.
5.Line of Handicrafts - District of Huancayo –
6.Ceramics Line - District of Quilcas, Aco and Huancayo –.
7.Line of Linen Goods - District of Huancayo –.
8.Line of Fur Shop - District of Chilca -.
9.Attachment of Cullpa District of Huancayo – - Hides Line -.
10.Line of Imitation Jewelry - District of Huancayo –
11.Line of Traquelado and Stained-Glass Windows - District of Huancayo –.
12.Attachment of Cochas Line of Musical Instruments his District Bin -.

Within doors of the Artesano S.A, various National Teachers and craft Regionales, which are lodged they represent in various events regional and international level, exposing our first-rate products in various countries of the world. Besides inside our associates craftsmen, find themselves winning of different contests of craftsmanships.

The Artesano S.A's house, have the best infrastructure in the interior of the country for the exposition and sale of handcrafted products, which are properly tidy and categorized, according to the craft line it belongs to. Said infrastructure, is in the best location of Huancayo, in the shopping center, located in the corners of Real Calle and Av. Walk The Scrubland.
The Artesano S.A's house, as the company is organized for:

- The shareholders' meeting.

Jhonny Louis Rose Bushes Zambrano ( Executive President )
Jhonny Peter Rodriguez Yurivilca ( President Executive Vice )
Abel Escobar Gutierrez ( Director )
Mary Jesus Maravi Grove ( Director )
Dew Veli Sanabria ( Director )
Elvira Soledad Rios ( acting Director )
Haydee Taype Huamán ( acting Director )
Elizabeth Condori of Gutierrez ( Acting Director )

- A Directory conformed by the same craftsmen, presided at for an Executive Presidency, which are:
- Sub Gerencias shaped for the same craftsmen.
- Administrative staff.

At the present time, the Artesano S.A's house, gets constituted in the main Commercial Productive Center of the country, becoming the foreign and national visitors' emporium, as the company has the commitment to keep on working to export craftsmanship, strengthening and promoting the tourist flow, generating more sources of work and contributing with the income of the country – Artesanal